Happy New Year

Ok guys, it’s time to talk about my resolution for 2014….
Living in Hollywood for the past year and a half has taken me on the most incredible ride of my life.  While I have had some amazingly positive experiences over this year+, there has also been a darker side. The root of many of these not-so-fun experiences has been in regard to body image.
I come from a theatre and dance background where women are celebrated for being healthy and fit, and I’m so fortunate for that.  But the film, television, and fashion industry are not always as accepting.
What people don’t tell you when you get a job on a TV show is that you are suddenly the target for a lot of…well, let’s just call it “feedback.”  Wanted or not, it makes its way to you.  (And playing an unlikeable character on a popular TV show really opens those floodgates!)
I’ve always thought of myself as being a really confident person, but no one’s skin is that thick!  Soon enough, I started fixating on things from the shape of my nose to the length of my legs.  I wanted to be 5 inches taller and 15lbs lighter.  I hated most pictures I saw of myself from the red carpet, and was constantly comparing myself to every other woman in the industry.  For the first time in my life, I was officially insecure.
When I started this blog, I went back and forth with the idea of being the subject of all the photographs.  I was hesitant because I’m obviously not a model, and I felt the clothes would look better on taller, thinner girls.  Skeptical, I took my first couple pictures and almost didn’t use them, but I sucked it up and posted them anyway. The positive feedback that followed reminded me why I wanted to blog in the first place: I love fashion and I love celebrating individuality…isn’t that what style is about anyway?!
I have been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have access to so many young women and men all over the world, and how so many of you voice your insecurities to me on a weekly basis.  I want to take this opportunity to promise to always be a good example of a self-loving, secure,strong, and HEALTHY woman.  Now, lets reward our bodies by giving them beautiful clothing!!

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