La Prairie’s White Caviar is Luxury in a Bottle

As most of you have caught on…I am obsessed with skincare!  I obviously love bags and shoes and clothes and all that fun stuff, but when it comes to making a real investment, I do that with my skincare. After all, you can buy a new pair of shoes, but you can’t buy new skin!!

Over the last several weeks, I have been in Canada shooting a movie in the FREEZING COLD! I go to work every day at 5am, abuse my skin with makeup, stand in front of a camera in the wind or under aggressive lighting, and I’m still expected to look fresh and beautiful!   So, it was extremely important for me to find a product that would help keep my skin radiant.  And guess what…I found it!! I’ve been using La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion twice a day, and I can’t begin to tell you how it not only keeps my skin looking fresh…it has improved it! I’ve noticed that the redness I have in my skin is gone and the dull greyish tint I usually get after several weeks on a movie has turned into a luminous glow.  It’s so good that I dread putting foundation over my skin at work, because this is the prettiest my skin has ever looked!!

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