My Time at The Time New York

As you may have noticed, I have recently been sharing more of my travel experiences lately…and I’m loving it!  

My most recent trip to New York was one of my absolute favorites for several reasons; I attended a dear friend’s wedding in Brooklyn, threw my best friend’s baby shower in the city, and stayed at one of my new favorite New York hotels, The Time.  Since I lived in New York for eight years, my standards are pretty high when it comes to choosing my hotels….and I absolutely loved The Time New York.  A few of the highlights included; a friendly and accommodating staff, the super clean and modern hotel rooms (complete with a TV hiding inside of a mirror), the great amenities,  and it’s convenient location in midtown. 

I arrived to New York really late Thursday night, and was so delighted to see my accommodations in person.  From the moment I walked into my hotel room, I couldn’t wait to take a hot shower, put on the bathrobe hanging in the super chic glass closet, and climb into the insanely cozy bed.  It was the best way to kick off a crazy weekend.

The next day, I took the elevator to the first floor and visited one of my favorite spots on the property…The Goldfinch coffee window!! The coffee was delicious, and it was AMAZING having access to caffeine at any time of the day…right inside of my hotel!

After a long day of meetings, I made my way back to my little oasis on the 15th floor and freshened up for dinner and a show (my favorite New York activity!) I walked out the front door of The Time, and in three short blocks was at the theatre.  (I saw my best friend perform in Miss Saigon, and cried like a baby.)

After the show, we walked back to The Time and had a glass of wine in the adorable LeGrande lounge. It was so cozy and chic, and the best part was that it wasn’t crazy loud like most places in New York City. We were able to catch up without screaming over loud music, which was amazing!  I highly recommend this little gem for a pre or post-show cocktail.

Over the next couple days, I continued my routine with the Goldfinch coffee, long walks around the park, TONS of delicious pizza and a few too many glasses of wine at the LeGrande Lounge. 

I was sad to leave, but can’t wait for my next trip!


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